Kuwi is an independent environmental NOFP organisation that believes in a sustainable future for all.

Kuwi.org is an independent environmental organisation, focused on Europe. Since our establishment in 2016, we have been at the forefront of many sustainable solutions. This includes campaigns to stimulate the electric car, the promotion of the New Way of Working and making the ‘flexitarian’ diet the new standard.  

Kuwi primarily operates within the borders of Europe. Our organisation is also part of various European umbrella organisations, such as EUR-NOW, and regularly supports European initiatives to maximise our impact. Through our network, we do our utmost to contribute to a global change towards a sustainable society. We are a registered and recognised NOFP organisation. We don’t receive financial contributions and/or donations from individuals and focus completely on companies, trusts and governments.

Our mission & vision

A sustainable future for all, that is at the heart of our vision. We choose to focus on a climate-neutral society by 2050 and the restoration of biodiversity in the coming years. To achieve this, we need to initiate a transition towards a sustainable energy supply, an emission-free mobility sector and a future-proof food system. 

That is why we encourage sustainable alternatives and measures and try to slow down or reverse polluting practices. We work according to a theory of change. We set goals and analyse the market situation for each theme (energy, mobility, food and circular economy). From this analysis, we determine what needs to be done in terms of supply (companies), demand (people), and rules of the game (government), and with which interventions Kuwi can achieve the greatest impact. To achieve our goals, we use independent research and publications from renowned European and international scientific centres and knowledge institutions.

Our interventions

We work together with peoplecompanies, and governments to make the market more sustainable. By helping people make sustainable choices in a positive way, we stimulate the demand for sustainable products. We inform people about developments in the market, such as energy savings, eating less meat and alternative ways of travelling. Together with companies, we come up with sustainable solutions that appeal to people. Along with frontrunners in the business world, we stimulate a sustainable supply of products and services and increase the demand for them. Without active governments, a climate-neutral society is unfeasible. Good policies and regulations make sustainable solutions appealing to all, whilst at the same time tackling polluting practices. That is why we press governments and politicians to lay down sustainable measures and to ban or tax pollution.  

Our core values

We always work based on the following core values:

– We let the facts speak for themselves.
– We encourage sustainable solutions.
– We achieve more through collaboration.

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